Wallet Apps and Best Debit Cards in Pakistan 2023

Best Debit Cards in Pakistan

It seems complicated for many people to open a business bank account in Pakistan. Moreover, account holders have to pay annually to keep using that bank’s Debit/Credit Card services.

A few years back, Pakistan’s most popular fintech companies like JazzCash and EasyPaisa also launched their debit card services for free but these cards were only workable in Pakistan. Users still can’t make an online purchase internationally because these companies are serving locally that’s why their debit cards only work for online purchases within Pakistan.

Back in 2020 and mid-2021, there were not any fintech companies available whose debit cards work internationally. But in 2022, many fintech companies have appeared, providing e-wallet and Debit card facilities. The noticeable thing is that their Debit cards (Powered by Visa/Mastercard) also work for online purchases at the international level.

We will be walking you through fintech companies that are providing the best e-wallet and debit cards in Pakistan through their mobile app.

1. NayaPay

Any 18+ Pakistani can open a NayaPay account and use it to make payments, send and get money, split bills, and significantly more. A NayaPay account accompanies a free Visa Virtual card which can be utilized for making online purchases, internationally and locally. Users can also order a free physical debit card from the app and have it delivered to home and use it to withdraw cash at ATMs and pay in-store at more than 46 million traders across the globe.

NayaPay: Best Debit Cards in Pakistan

NayaPay does not charge any fee for using their eWallet and debit card services for online shopping.

2. SadaPay

SadaPay: Free Debit Cards in Pakistan

SadaPay is very similar to NayaPay and is available for every individual above 18 years of age. A SadaPay user can send and receive money and do mobile top-ups for now. SadaPay also offers (Virtual and Physical) Free Debit cards powered by Mastercard that work locally as well as internationally. SadaPay also does not charge any fee from its users and offers 3 free cash withdrawals per month at any ATMs in Pakistan.

3. Zindigi

The third considerable eWallet app on our list is Zindigi – Finance App. Zindigi App is powered by JS Bank with a very innovative UI enabling users to send and receive money, do mobile load and top-ups, split bills, and pay government and education fees.

Zindigi: Wallet App and Debit Card

Zindigi offers both Virtual and Physical Debit cards powered by Mastercard and PayPak but charges a one-time fee of Rs1000 for their Physical Debit card. Their Mastercard Debit card also works internationally and locally while the Debit card powered by PayPak only works within Pakistan.

Which one to choose?

According to my personal experience with all these Banking Apps, All these finance companies are doing their best to provide the best experience to their consumers. It depends on everyone’s personal preference that which app is suitable and sits perfectly for their online banking needs.

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