6 Ways to Maintain iPhone’s Battery Health

6 ways to maintain iPhone's battery health

You must be worried about your iPhone’s battery health. In fact, it is a thing to worry and think about because with the passage of time the battery health of your iPhone drops, and according to Apple, an iPhone used for 1.5 years will get battery health dropped by 20%.

According to Apple, if the battery health of an iPhone is below 80% then the performance of that iPhone will be reduced (To lower the power consumption) in order to give users the best battery timing. So, it is very important to maintain the battery health of your iPhone in order to get maximum performance.

The battery health of any phone (Android or iPhone) cannot always be maintained at 100%. These are Lithium-ion batteries used in iPhones that degrade with use and time. We can’t stop their degradation. However, there are some things and habits which if we adopt can help us maintain the battery life of our iPhone and slow down the battery drop.

I personally adopted these habits that helped me maintain my iPhone’s battery health at 99% after 1 year of usage.

1. Reduce charge cycle counts

According to Apple, after 500 charge cycles, (approximately 1.5 years) the health of the iPhone battery drops by 20% which means that the iPhone holds significantly less charge compared to its original battery capacity.

You should reduce the charge cycles of your iPhone by eliminating the unnecessary use of your phone.

2. Don’t put your iPhone in extreme conditions

Keeping the phone at full charge or completely drained can also reduce battery health because these are the two states when there is a huge load on the battery.

Don’t charge your phone 100% and also don’t keep it lower than 20%. I usually charge my iPhone at 80% and always keep it between 40% to 80%.

3. Don’t use your iPhone while charging

When you use your phone while charging it, on one side the battery is filling and on another side, it is draining which puts a load on the battery. Never try to do gaming while charging your iPhone even don’t try to make calls when your phone is on charging. It heats up the battery due to which battery health is affected badly.

4. Don’t leave your iPhone charged overnight

Many people charge their iPhones at night because it is the free and most convenient time but this can seriously damage the battery health of iPhone. Overcharging pushes more current into already filled cells beyond their capacity that damages the lifespan of the battery too.

Simply don’t leave your iPhone charging overnight.

Maintain iPhone battery health

Turn On the Optimized Battery Charging option

iPhone has an ‘Optimized Battery Charging’ feature, that you can enable by heading to Settings > Battery > Battery Health. It learns your behavior and iPhone charging routine, slowly charge your iPhone, and prevents charging to 100% until the time you need it.

5. Avoid High Temperature

Avoid using iPhone under conditions where the temperature is high because it also heats up your iPhone raising the temperature of the battery.

Keeping your iPhone safe from high temperatures can help from many expectations like cracks in the device and damage to the battery and other components.

6. Use Apple MFi certified cables and chargers

Many other smartphone companies make cables and chargers for iPhones too. MFi-certified cables are those that are tested and certified officially by Apple.

iPhone Battery Health: MFi certified iPhone cables

Use MFi-certified cables and chargers to charge your iPhone and other gadgets because they are best suitable for your Apple devices.

Maintain your iPhone Battery Health

As you read above that we can’t stop iPhone batteries become less effective over time. However, by following these battery maintenance tips and habits you can improve the overall performance of your iPhone.